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Maintaining and Upgrading Websites

With our recent server upgrades and OS changes, there's been an increased concern about website maintenance. This brings to mind why it's so important to keep up with trends and make sure your website is keeping up with them too. It is an important responsibility of a website owner to keep their site up to date technologically. Here's the reason why...

Websites are small pieces of software (in some cases large and complex pieces of software). When we build them, it's always to the latest in web coding standards meant to be used on the latest browsers and one or 2 generations behind of those browsers. The problem is, that technology progresses at an alarming rate, and the latest coding standards we used to create your site at the time may now be defunct. Software (including websites) that are built over 5 years ago, especially, will begin to experience performance problems on newer computer systems and browsers. While patches can be made so that these web elements to function in modern web browsers; as more and more advances are made to your computer system and browsers, the problems of older websites will continue to grow making maintenance an expensive and frequent issue to deal with.

Upgrades to computer systems and internet browsers are out of the control of web developers. We are constantly learning new technologies to keep up with the latest in coding trends to make websites work on newer devices and systems. It is our best recommendation to revisit the programming of your website every year, This doesn't have to be an entire redesign, but a quick upgrade to the content management system and any third party software that your website uses. This alone should head off any expensive maintenance issues. Design trends move more slowly, and you should consider a redesign every 3 years to keep on top of your competition.

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