Does your site need fixing? Here's some top areas of concern users have about websites.

Top 10 website failures

  1. Being one size fits all
    Your website should make your user feel like you know them. Personalize it specifically to your audience.
  2. Ignoring Mobile
    Usually about 50% of visitors come to sites from a mobile device. 62% of companies that built mobile friendly sites increased their business. Test your site to see how mobile friendly you are.
  3. Misuse of Animation
    Used improperly, animation effects can annoy your visitors. Don't use it because it looks cool. The best websites use it to enhance a user's experience not distract them.
  4. Over Designing
    Clear out the clutter! The best websites are the simplest ones.
  5. Using Corporate Jargon
    Talk like a human. No catchy pick up lines, jargon or cliches, please! 
  6. Can't Be Found
    Optimize your site with common keywords your customers will use to search for your company. If your site isn't appearing in searches, it's costing you money, a website should make you money.
  7. Only Talking About Yourself
    No one cares about how many awards you've won or how awesome you are. Instead, be a thought leader in your field. Publish articles, videos and whitepapers as resources for your audience.
  8. No Clear Call to Action
    The goal of your site is to convert visitors into new business. Give users too many options and they'll hit the back button. Don't make them think to hard about how to get a hold of you.
  9. Being Annoying- Interruptive Web Elements
    Pop-up windows, deceptive links and unexpected music playing suddenly... These are as bad as a robo call to your cell phone!
  10. Being OLD!
    If your site looks like it could've been created in the 1990s, or if your latest blog post is from over a year ago... it's time to make a change! Users will not find your business credible if it's not up to date in it's technology or it's content.

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