Biznetix is a Rochester, NY based Web Hosting company featuring Great Value.

Hosting Facility

The 20,000 square-foot CyberCenter is located in downtown Rochester, New York. This location places your Internet servers in immediate proximity to the Frontier Internet network, and away from most geographic risks such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfire, and rolling blackouts. Designed with stringent structural integrity required to house the most critical communications equipment, the CyberCenter is the premier facility of its kind in upstate New York.

The CyberCenter is a fault-tolerant facility built for Zero downtime, ensuring that your business is not interrupted by equipment bottlenecks, failures or unforeseen disasters. From the fully redundant power supplies, fire suppression and HVAC of our building infrastructure, to the redundant routers in our network architecture, to the self healing SONET network that provides internet access, your mission critical information is secure.

Burstable bandwidth allows the CyberCenter to handle any planned or unplanned traffic spikes seamlessly. Unlimited bandwidth is available on-demand and best of all, you only pay for what you use! Forecasting is no longer necessary.

The CyberCenter features Carrier Class Routing and Ethernet Technology. The network will support 10/10/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN infrastructure and offer back-end network capability supporting all types of customer services. Internet access is provided over a self-healing SONET network which re-routes traffic in milliseconds when needed and provides connectivity to a redundant IP backbone operating at speeds up to 10 Gbps. This creates one of the fastest, most reliable Internet backbones in the industry.

Biznetix offers rack space to house your dedicated server needs.

The CyberCenter provides multiple levels of security, including: ramming ballards, bullet proof glass, security guards, reinforced concrete walls, man traps, key-code entry, bio-metric hand scanner and security cameras. These features ensure that your servers are in the safest environment possible. No more concerns about employee accidents, equipment tampering or sabotage.


Avoid the Risk  

We Are Your Aces in the Hole.

Cyber Center Highlights

  • Redundant Cisco 12000 Gigabit routers with Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
  • Four fully redundant Cisco Catalyst switches provide survivability and traffic distribution throughout the CyberCenter network
  • A redundant IP backbone operating at speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Self- Healing SONET network 
  • Redundant Liebert HVAC units
  • Redundant 2000/kW/2500 kva Rated Liebert Generators
  • Redundant switched power feeds provide “Uninterruptible Power Supply”
  • Laser sniffers identify environmental changes that prevent fires before they happen
  • FM 200 waterless fire suppression suffocates flames 
  • Ramming ballards protect the building exterior from vehicles
  • Reinforced concrete walls and no outside windows protect the building interior
  • Enclosed cabling throughout the facility
  • NEBS compliant – stringent Network Equipment Building Standards set by the telecom industry
  • Security guard behind bulletproof glass
  • Roving security guard
  • Man Trap before entering facility
  • Biometric scanner for entry entry
  • 90+ Surveillance cameras inside and outside the building with 30-day storage and retrieval